SMD stencils 
for prototype assembly

SMD stencils
for prototype assembly

Stencils for your prototype assembly - BECproto

Material-specific and application-specific prototyping

Are you in a test run and would like to assemble your prototype or template for the first time? No problem. We always produce the right solution for your prototype assembly, as the dual-control principle also applies here. Your data undergoes our design rule check and is verified for feasibility before production. Our BECproto prototype stencils are available in all sizes, including 250 mm x 150 mm and 300 mm x 200 mm.

So that you can also use the BECproto SMD stencil in your standard printer, we offer you an adapter stencil suitable for your quick-tensioning system or in a fixed frame. In principle, the SMD stencils can be used in a suitably adjusted tensioning device or manually for printing.

The SMD stencils are available from € 30.00, depending on the size and number of pads.


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