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Edge protection for SMD stencils offers several benefits 

BECKTRONIC informs about safety and health protection

The standard SMD stencils are very sharp-edged. Therefore BECKTRONIC, as a specialist for the production of SMD stencils, recommends to flange the edges. This minimizes the risk of injury and at the same time increases the stability of the SMD stencil. The edge protection is an important contribution to the improvement of the safety and the health protection of the employees in the electronics production. For thin material thicknesses from 130 µm and below, users also benefit from easier insertion and removal in clamping frames, and archiving cartons and pockets are also protected in this way.


Key for efficient and error-free PCB assembly

BECKTRONIC offers customer-specific data preparation

Customer service and flexibility are top priorities at BECKTRONIC. Thomas Schulte-Brinker, Managing Director of BECKTRONIC GmbH, shows how the data provided by the PCB manufacturer is processed, adapted and optimised. Everything for a perfect print result. The BECKTRONIC team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about SMD stencils and electronics production at any time and will support you in designing a PCB layout suitable for production.


Comparison of scanning methods of SMD stencils

BECKTRONIC offers fast and efficient quality testing  

In order to guarantee the standard delivery time of high-quality SMD stencils even during production peaks, BECKTRONIC has developed its own in-house scanning methods. Compared to an LPKF Scan Check, BECKTRONIC Scan acts much faster and comprehensively checks the dimensional accuracy and completeness of the pads.


Individualized archiving of SMD stencils

BECKTRONIC offers a completely flexible storage of SMD stencils

As a specialist for the production of SMD stencils for all quick clamping systems or in fixed frames, BECKTRONIC also offers archiving systems adapted to the SMD stencils and the production area as high-quality accessories.

With customer-specific storage/archiving options for SMD stencils, the company meets the requirements and wishes of its customers 100 percent. The individualized model presented in the video was designed by BECKTRONIC for the storage of VectorGuard stencils.


Archiving systems for SMD stencils

BECKTRONIC offers adequate storage solutions

The expert for laser-cut SMD stencils made of stainless steel or nickel offers a total of three different possibilities for storing and archiving SMD stencils. The customer chooses between standard archiving cardboard with hooks, storage pockets and the fully individualised solution from BECKTRONIC, adapted to the stencil system and production environment.


Importance of Stencil Tension

Framed Stencil vs Vectorguard High Tension vs BECdirectultra

BECKTRONIC tests stencil tension with three different systems:

You can see the result in the video!