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Individualized solutions for the storage of SMD stencils

BECKTRONIC GmbH offers space-saving and safe solutions

Specific storage shelves and stencil archiving systems prevent possible damage to SMD stencils and protect them from contamination. Well archived then also means quickly ready for use in the printer.

BECKTRONIC GmbH offers space-saving and safe solutions. With over three decades of experience and know-how, the company based in Weitefeld, Westerwald region of Germany is a competent supplier for SMD assembly. As a specialist for the production of SMD stencils, BECKTRONIC knows that the correct archiving of stencils plays an important role for fast provision and economic longevity. In addition to practical archiving cartons and ESD cassettes, customers have at their disposal a freely configurable storage system with zip pockets as well as individualized storage shelves for framed stencils.

Practical archiving cartons and ESD cassettes

The archiving cartons have a small opening at the back. This makes it easy to push through the plastic handle included in the scope of delivery. An archiving carton is suitable for the storage of one or more SMD stencils, e.g. of the type Quattro-Flex or ZelFlex. It is available in two sizes, 570 mm x 570 mm and 720 mm x 570 mm. The shelf system suitable for the cartons is available with robust tubes on two levels. This is equally suitable for ESD cassettes, which are also available in two sizes.

Freely configurable storage systems with zip pockets

The storage system is available as a freely configurable shelf or as a trolley with swivel castors. The shelf consists of a system plate equipped with guide grooves. Here 100 zip pockets find their place. There is a choice of PE and ESD material as well as many different sizes for the pockets. This storage system is characterised by its high capacity in a confined space. On a storage area of 1030 x 600mm², the shelf is available in different heights of 2 m, 2.5 m or 3 m. The shelf is available in a variety of sizes. In the 3 m version, up to 1,000 SMD stencils can be archived dust-proof.

Individualized shelves for framed stencils

BECKTRONIC adapts the storage rack exactly to the available space. The system is suitable for the classic SMD stencils type BECsnap, BECdirect, BECdirectultra as well as VectorGuard VG260 and VG265. The shelves and plastic guides are adjusted to the nearest centimetre. The different stencil types can thus be conveniently stored. For example, the basic version of the storage rack offers space for 70 VectorGuard stencils per shelf.

Secure and individual archiving of SMD stainless steel stencils

"We always look first at the individual customer requirements and then find a good solution. Even if there is only limited space available for the storage of SMD stencils, our shelves enable clean and practical stencil storage and archiving," explains Managing Director Thomas Schulte-Brinker.

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