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BECKTRONIC Managing Director Thomas Schulte-Brinker celebrates anniversary

The BECKTRONIC team congratulated its boss

Thomas Schulte-Brinker has been a permanent member of the BECKTRONIC team for over 23 years. He has been leading the team for 10 years. Quite a few resourceful innovations around the laser-cut SMD stencil can be traced back to his know-how and his constant advancement of the possible. The patented quick-tensioning stencil BEsnap or the stencil BECdirectultra with the best possible surface tension are just two prominent examples.

As the inventive head of the team of stencil production specialists, he looks to the future with confidence: "Together with my fantastic team, we will continue to develop the company. In the last few months we have been able to implement a lot in the areas of automation in the commercial sector as well as in production. The focus is always on the customer and customer benefit. Spatial expansion and personnel reinforcement accompany the healthy growth".

The BECKTRONIC team congratulated its boss with a large gift basket and is looking forward to further joint projects dealing with the production of high-precision stencils.

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